Creation of a new soccer precinct with district level playing fields, stormwater harvesting, floodlighting, roads and car parks. 


Naric Civil excavated around 14,000 m3 of fill placed on roadways and stockpiled on future stages. 13,000 m3 of topsoil was stripped, stockpiled and laid on site. More than 40,000 m2 of turf was laid and maintained using 1mx25m big rolls. Two layers of 125mm turf sand was laid and laser levelled. During the maintenance period, top dressing with 10mm thick turf sand was laid.
Irrigation system was supplied and installed in accordance to the design drawing.
Electrical work includes cable reticulation, supply and installation of general lighting, main switchboard and distribution board.
Stormwater, sewer and water reticulation, car park, bio-retention basin and fencing was also included in the scope of works.
Stormwater harvesting implemented using Humes Rainguard storage tanks.